Raised in Southern Illinois & currently residing in CA,  photographer & fashion enthusiast Trinette Denise has always had a passion for  capturing beauty & telling stories through images.  Her work has been referred to as the “Billie Holiday” of photography by a lot of clients because her imagery tend to have a timeless beauty as if it to never age.

“I want anyone looking at my work to feel what I felt and see what I saw when the image was created so that when they look back later, it’s as though they were captured at that time..that era in which they are living now.”

Whether she is shooting portraits, a lookbook or runway, her primary goal is to capture a moment so it’s understood and felt not only by herself or her clients but by everyone.

“Image Is Everything. If it doesn’t say anything, than it’s nothing.”

Specialties: Fashion, Runway, Editorial, Lifestyle

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